Monthly Archives: June 2016

Delivery for Ben Long


Luckily I was having a lazy start to the day — just as I was looking for the phone number to confirm the delivery date of my shipment, a truck squeaked to a halt in front of the house.

Woohoo! 1000 copies of Tickle Me Zoo have landed on my doorstep. It’s time to pop the cork on the prickle water…and then move on to distribution.

Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered their copies. I will send your books out to you this week. Much thanks also to New Farm Editions and SLQ Library Shop who have restocked our picture books, and Mary Ryan’s who is stocking our books for the first time. It is so encouraging to have our local bookshops supporting our local authors and illustrators.

Stay tuned for news of my third picture book, coming soon.